CIt felt great, thank you Savannah

It's a very powerful mp3.  She does a very good job and I like listening to it as much a

Things only get better with Savannah, thank you very much

We sure did have some fun and again, it was a great experience

Yet again, another enjoyable and special encounter

I adore you so much, you are very special

Such a sweet and lovely voice, it is so perfect and wonderful

       I always look forward to my adventures with Savannah

    This young lady and that sexy voice will get you there very quickly.  She is GREAT!

Very good, she knows what she is doing.

Every call with Savannah gets better and better.  Savannah uses her knowledge to go deeper, uncovering more things about you, so she can take you deeper and make everything more and intense.

Excellent hypnotist!  All those ratings can't be wrong!  Very flexible and willing to work with you.

Expensive?  Yes.  Worth more than the call?  Absolutely!  This is intense.  Savannah took me where no one has.  Very best experience imaginable.  This is a mind trip, an extreme ride on the pleasure of body+brain delight.  The best, the most enjoyable.  Gotta do this live now.

Savannah has such a wonderful way of going deeper inside you to find out what you really need.

Very hot and inventive.  She is sweet, gentle and her voice sends me to a different place.

Fantastic.  She is the real deal.  You gotta try this.  It is awesome.  I can't wait to call her again.
My mistress rocks this sissy's world

Amazing!  It was so real.

Sooooooooooo sexy!  Very good!

Always the hottest time, she knows your fantasy.

Wonderful as ever and nice to hear that soothing voice once again.

Excellent call.  May I be your sissy secretary?

So luciously controlling!

Just fantastic as always!

I loved it.  She's amazing!

Princess knows this sissy to my very soul.

I am so lucky and proud to serve Princess Savannah!

Thanks Savannah.  Very friendly.  Fantastic!

She's very warm and friendly.  I'm going to have to try again.

Tantalizing, superior, royalty!

Always thrilled to serve Princess Savannah

This time we did a different fantasy and she put me under twice.  I am still shaking it was so intense and different.  It felt unique, wow!

Savannah was wonderful!  Wow!

          Princess knows just how to work me over both physically and emotionally!

i am Princess' weak sissy slave....I will do anything for Her!

Savannah will toy with you and then watch out, she will pull you out the other side of your brain. 

        That switch is a joy!

Very good, it felt really great.

OMG! Princess had me begging and pleading to perform for Her wishes for this sissy!

Princess is really working this sissy over good!

Princess owns this sissy!

The best photos ever! Very expressive! Two totally HOT Women! Ouch! It hurts sooooo Good!

Another great call...Princess is the best!

Princess Savannah is both relaxing and provocative!  Wow!

Her voice smolders.  Very hot!

Very sexy.  Will call again.

The best on Niteflirt

Not only is she hotter than hell, she is very interested in making sure your experience is absolutelyas incredible as she is.  Thanks for everything, Savannah

Wow!  Princess knows me better than I know myself...I hope as her slave I am able to live up to her expectations.

Thank you Goddess for allowing Your slave to pay for Your AIM ID.

Savannah's sultry southern drawl and smooth sexy confidence melted my mind and left me
dripping with pleasure.  She took me deeper and deeper and when I came out of the trance,
I wanted more and more...

Five stars would not be enough.  She is fun!  I can't describe how great she was.

Thank you Goddess for a wonderful call.

I am so excited to become your property, Goddess Savannah

TY for the slave contract, Savannah

Excellent hypnotist!  She's highly rated for a reason.  Great sweet southern drawl.

         I still have a great big smile on my face and I think it's going to stay there for a while.

         Totally awesome, very easy to get addicted, super sexy voice and beautiful seductive body to go with it.

Savannah is dolce de leche with molten chocolate truffle sauce

So good!

Fabulous as always, you are so special and you will always be that special to me.

Sensational, fantastic, stunning, Joy, out of this world!


On the phone with Savannah takes only a few seconds for me to get in the mood!  The perfect submissive, switch, Domme and soooo excitedly open minded!!

TY for the pictures...stunning and sensual as usual, Savannah.

I soooooooooo want you

Gimme more

This was wonderful.   Sooooo sexy and relaxing.  Thank you!

Very sexy voice, can't wait to speak to her live!

Wow, that was my greatest call ever on Niteflirt.  She does hypno like a queen!  I will call her again and again and again!!!

Great call, very sensual voice, worth the call!

Simply the best,  I love and adore Savannah

Very good call!  Knows about hypnosis!

This was our best session yet.  She has more imagination than anyone on Keen.  She truly enjoys

         what she is doing.  She is the one I need.  I can't wait for our next session.

Fantastic as always, absolutely brilliant!

You are my Goddess and I so missed you, simply the best

She is the sweetest hypnotic princess ever!  Will miss you Savannah

The pics are awesome...would have been nice to talk to her as well.

I adore her, we have so much fun together, I feel like I've known her forever.

Great call, such a sexy and naughty girl, mmmmmmmmmm thanks babe

Her voice is as sexy as her!!!

Oh this beautiful vixen is sooooo good at putting you under.  I came out of the trancethoroughly exhausted and satisfied.  Thanks so much Savannah!

Have listened to tape several times and 2 live sessions, I must say the very best in erotic
hypnosis that I have experienced.  Highly recommended.

Savannah is so sweet and caring.  She can take you to heaven!

          Great recording!

Continue to learn and discover how amazing everything is that we do and you are simply fabulous!

Savannah has a way of turning your mind to mush!  I need to call her again desperately!

Great call!  I'm now under Savannah's control...I feel it more and more...

          my collar is loosening a little right now, thankfully.  Thank you mistress

Really hot and sexy!

I believe she will agree with me in saying, the word of the day is definitely --WOW!

Absolutely amazing...enough said!

Very sexy voice and friendly

I am having so much fun and it's been such and turn-on and rush!

Exceptional!  Highly recommended

She is always a pleasure to talk to.  Really seems to enjoy what she does and
does it extremely well.  Can't wait to talk to her again and again.

              Lovely, gentle, powerful.  A good hypnotist and an imaginative and a compelling flirt.

Very cool girl, a lot of fun, real.

Exceeded my expectations, quite a rush!

Fun and really impressive!

OMG amazingly hot.  TY Savannah!

Savannah is so hot!  She turns me on to the point that every naughty thought I have ever had, she makes them real.  Just drains me.

Thank you Savannah!  I loved all of the photos and I especially love
how you adapt to what you are told.

Outstanding.  I can't wait for my next call.  Savannah is wonderful, trust me.

Savannah's sweet voice leads you slowly down deeper and deeper

Simply and purely amazing!  A voice to match an angel's.  She will guide
you along a deep path of wonderment.

She is delightful and made me feel comfortable right from the
start!  Can't wait to call again.

Very sexy southern acent.  Great inter-play and willing to
please.  Highly vocal and real.  Fun to cuddle with after.

A really great, sweet, sexy and hypnotic woman. She left me feeling
relaxed and overwhelmed with Her power.  She was also really nice and
open and a pleasure to talk to.  And Her accent when She said the word
"trance" left me weak in the knees.

     Super hot hot hot call

    She’s greattttt

I was taken by her on the beach.  She drains me. My body gives in to her

    Her voice puts me in a trance.  I'm still feeling her effect on me.

              Muah!  First time is a charm, the rest is insanity!  She is a dream woman

     Unbelievable...simply a must!  Cannot wait to hear her angelic voice again

             Sexiest vixen I’ve ever talked to.  This is one hot woman..Savannah, I’m
in love!

Wow, Savannah had me in such a state that everything felt so real, she's good!

               I was so skeptical, but I relaxed quickly and was left a mess...great call!

        Love the accent! Her knowledge and exper-tease are great!!!

A five star rating as usual. She is imaginative, friendly, and the sound of her
voice gets me to a trance state easier and easier.  She goes out of her way
to make the experience unique.  Savannah is so much fun, I hope she is enjoying it too. 

               One of the warmest voices. A great journey.  :)

She is an accomplished hypnotist and easily had me in a deep trance.  It was
the most erotic session I've ever had.  Her sweet voice got me quickly into it

          I need to call her again.  This is a nice person.

  This was my second call and she did not disappoint.  Her voice put me in a
deep trance.  I could feel everything.  I can't wait for my next session.  She is the real deal.                                                  

Just perfect.  I love you Savannah.  You know just how to tease me and do all the right stuff.

Awesome, Savannah left me out of breath!

Such an angel from Heaven.  It just continues to get so much better.

Most intense experience ever on Keen.

Once again, Savannah rocks the world.  Any world, hers, yours, mine. 

          Whoever she talks to.  Such a hot little vixen who likes it so many
ways.  She can really take you to the outer limits and loves for you to
take her there as well.  Any sense of the word.  She will get attached and will attach herself to you.

OMG!  Savannah, you are so stunningly hot!  Anyone who loves women
(guys or lesbians) needs to see these photos.  They will make your blood boil.

         Let me tell you there is something special about this girl.  Apart from her
sensuous voice, there is definitely something else there.  Honestly, you have to eperience it to feel it.  This is one girl that will alter your perspective.  I will definitely be calling her again.

                        Savannah is such a beautiful and perfect Goddess. It is an honor to talk to HER and learn from HER.  I am eager to be HER pupil.

          SHE is perfect in every way.

Savannah is the most seductive hypnosis gal on here.  Thanks!

Very nice woman to talk to.  I had to leave early but plan to call again.

Great call-sexy voice and is one of the few around that actually knows
hypnosis.  A must call!

Savannah is simply amazing.  She took me deeper than I could have imagined it and now I’m putty in her hands….ahhh..such a wonderful feeling.

Absolutely amazing, will definitely be back for more!

Very nice and professional.  She is definitely worth a won’t regret it!

Sweetheart of a girl, cute little southern accent sure to please anyone.  I do definitely recommend this vixen for your hypnotic pleasures.

                 Amazing call…if you like hypnosis, you have to check her out.

Great voice, kinky lady!

Very mallable!

Savannah was truly the best I have experienced.  The sincerity in her voice
was there and the noises she let out were magnificent! Truly one after
everyone’s hearts.  She is a “must experience” type of woman.

   Sexy voice and dirty mind!

I asked Savannah to share a fantasy of hers.  Her description was so
detailed, so realistic and so delicious that I felt I was a witness to her fantasy. 

She’s wonderful

OMG the pics are so hot, I was hard in a second!

So incredible, she’s one of the best.

She’s incredible!

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